Bwog, resting on the shoulders of our brave Dailies

The rumors are true: Bwog is keeping Daily Editor Applications open for a few more days! We got so many delectable Staff Writer apps, we figured the only way we could possibly keep our site balanced was by eliciting some more applicants for our most desirable position: Daily Editor. Besides, this wouldn’t be a Columbia news site without a little too much competition, right?

As a refresher, Dailies are responsible for making WordPress their bitch one day of the week, every week. They write Bwoglines (and occasionally announcements, shortforms, and breaking news), they schedule posts, they write tags, and they do pretty much every other important task involved in keeping the site up and running. It’s a job integral to the running of this site, and in doing it, you will become intimately familiar with Bwog as a medium, and with other staffers new and old. Being a Daily is basically the Bwog equivalent of being a drummer in a band: you might not always get the flashy solos, but without you, the whole operation basically falls apart.

So what are you waiting for? If you were considering applying to be a Daily and thought, nah, that sounds like too much excitement for me, this is your sign to reconsider! Send in those apps now!

Applications are due to by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, September 20.

It’s a fun job though we promise via Wikimedia Commons