This past summer, the Columbia Daily Spectator was forced out of its old office space on Broadway between 11th and 112th Street. The publication has not yet found a permanent new home, but for the time being its staff has taken over a few rooms in Riverside Church. Whether or not this move uptown is part of Columbia’s Manhattanville gentrification expansion remains to be seen.

Since we learned of Spec’s new location, several Bwog staffers have made the only natural next step: attempting to infiltrate. We’ve bugged our friends (and our “friends”) in Spec, we’ve pleaded and cajoled, we’ve even gone to Riverside Church and knocked on the door a few times – all to no avail. Spec is keeping the insides of its new space more locked down than the buttons of their carefully pressed khakis. However, we did get enough information from our sources to develop the following artistic representation of the Spec office; we hope that this at least somewhat sates the curiosity of our readers.