Gold boxes are art and capitalism is life, welcome to 2017

Happening Around The World: Whilst we ignore impending WWIII, Tinder have launched a ‘Menprovement‘ feature. This new anti-harrasment feature called ‘reactions’ allows women to throw virtual martinis over abusive men because that’s what we all do in our heteronormative Sex & the City lives. (The Guardian)

Happening In The U.S: Mass evacuations were announced last night after wildfires broke out across California’s wine counties. The Fire Department have referred to this as one of the most destructive outbreaks California has ever seen. (BBC)

Happening In NYC: Chatroulette has been hipsterfied! Shared Studios are hosting an art exhibit in Times Square that is absolutely perfect for all you millennials out there. The interactive exhibit consists of gold shipping containers that you can enter, take selfies in, connect with people from around the world and be involved in deep discussions of identity, migration and more.

Happening On Campus: The Columbia University College Republicans are hosting Islamophobe and former leader of the English Defence League (EDL) Tommy Robinson in Lerner Hall at 8pm.  But, if controversial nationalism isn’t your cup of tea, you can pop along to a Book Talk with Alison Crossley, author of ‘Finding Feminsim’ at 5pm in 304 Barnard Hall.

Food Of The Day: Chocolate Häagen-Dazs (Yes mum, this counts as food) which is currently on sale at Morton Williams!