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Columbia’s Core Website Has A Punctuation Error

Commas and periods always go inside double quotation marks in American English except in the case of a parenthetical citation. Columbia University is in the United States of America. But what is this? A comma outside of a quotation mark?

Shall we take another look? 

You can find this here. Even though I linked four different sources saying that commas and periods always go inside quotation marks, I’m doubting myself more and more as I keep looking at this. Am I just wrong? Is this post complete bogus? Is this more fake news by Bwog? Is this because we don’t have copy editors?

Here’s a more zoomed-out view of the page. Am I just sleep-deprived? Do I even know how punctuation works? After all, I’m just a foreigner. An international student. I’m from from Seoul, South Korea. English isn’t even my first language. What do I know?

Columbia Core via Youngweon Lee

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