Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree metaphorically. I’m actually in Butler. One does not rock in Butler.

Happening Around the World: In case you’ve been living under a rock, America has a new princess. Actress Meghan Markle, best known for her role as Rachel in ‘Suits’, is engaged to Prince Harry of Wales. The engagement has been subject to significant media attention as Ms Markle is biracial which has been seen as shattering of some of the class and racial taboos associated Britain and its monarchy. (Washington Post)

Happening in the U.S: Whilst the Flint Water Crisis made national headlines and garnered international attention when it was exposed three years ago, it appears the U.S. continues to have an ongoing and growing water problem: more than 1,000 drinking water systems across the U.S. have failed basic safety standards. (BBC)

Happening in the NYC: Before you sink into the post-Thanksgiving blues, remember it’s nearly Christmas and thus the annual tree lighting ceremony at the Rockefeller center is here. Head on down to Rockefeller Plaza between 7-9pm to see the lighting, performances and more! Or stay warm and watch it on NBC.

Happening Around Campus: There will be a screening of ‘Law and Order’ producer Carolyn H. Balcer’s new film ‘Above the Drowning Sea’ in Butler 203 at 5pm, followed by a meeting with Balcer.

Food of the day: I tried something new so you should to. Grab fresh samosas for three dollars at Roti Roll Bombay on Amsterdam Avenue (they also deliver until midnight).

Image via Wikicommons