My Adobe application of choice is Photoshop, not Illustrator, so my creations unfortunately only have a fraction of the beauty you all see above

At my first ever Bwog meeting in 2015, I made a pitch that to this day I have yet to top: campus figures as bowls of water. Shamelessly inspired by a Buzzfeed post someone had sent to me, I thought it would’ve been a perfect fit for this new thing in my life called Bwog. But the board looked at me like I was snorting eraser shavings and told me they’d “think about it” (which usually means slack message each other about wtf just came out this girls mouth). Until last week, I had given up on my pitch and only occasionally referenced to it as a way to encourage new writers to not be ashamed of their seemingly weird/unusual ideas. But then one morning as I did my Insta-toilet scroll, I came across an image on my feed: Disney Princesses as cement mixers. It was as if God himself were telling me not to give up on the pitch that started it all, but this time, better—campus figures as cement mixers.