The sun is literally setting on this semester, so get crackin!

Whether you are simply heading home for winter break, feeling nostalgic in your senior year or getting ready to leave Columbia and return (like me) from a study abroad program, this is a list of all the things you absolutely must do before you go – so forget about your GPA and get cracking.

1. Take cute insta pics from Low and Butler

2. Climb Hamilton. (Like Everest but the 7th floor is duller)

3. Get over 1000 likes on buy sell memes a.k.a become an icon

4. Get into 1020 without being carded

5. Have an awkward encounter with a Tinder match

6. Befriend someone in EC (if you’re a Barnard student)

7. Sign in a bunch of Barnard students and feel immensely powerful (insert Gandalf joke here)

8. Take a festive picture with Alma

7. Call Hartley Hospitality for at least one minor inconvenience

8. Dedicate a draw to all the free merch you have collected here at Columbia (from NSOP to tree lighting, you know you still have those t-shirts)

9.  Eat a jumbo slice at Koronet past midnight

10. Stick to the floor of at least one frat’s basement

11. Question your sexuality

12. Buy a crap ton of merch from the bookstore

13. Partake in a political debate you have absolutely no clue about

14. Find a seat in Butler

15. Leave Butler and go outside

16. Eat a Diana pizza for lunch

17. Write a Columbia Crushes post

18.  Actually leave campus and go for a run in riverside park

19. Disgrace at least two statues on campus

20. Snap your fingers at stuff you don’t understand

21. Follow @bwog on Instagram

She’s beauty, she’s grace, she’s miss Columbia University in the city of New York in the United States via Archives