“…And at last I see the light & it’s like the fogs been lifted” – Tangled

Good Morning, Columbia! We’re so close to the light at the end of the tunnel (a.k.a the end of finals) with just three more days to go, Bwog believes in you…and your ability to procrastinate with today’s worldly updates. 

Bwogline: At least 3 individuals were killed yesterday after an Amtrak in Washington was derailed. All 12 carriages from the newly opened Amtrak route from Seattle to Portland were derailed, crumpling five cars and two trucks. President Trump tweeted about the incident, using it to defend submitted infrastructure plans. (NYT)

Study Tip: It’s the middle of December and if you’re still on campus the grey is probably getting you down. Invest in some highlighters or colors to jazz up your notes and make you a little less reluctant to look at them. Besides, stationary shopping is relaxing in itself.

Music: P!nk’s new album is perfect for accompanying the wide range of emotions you’re likely to be feeling from Butler. Also the music video for ‘Beautiful Trauma’ features Channing Tatum, just saying.

Procrastination: Try some productive procrastination, and by that I mean there’s a strong probability of a Crash Course type video relating to your finals is on YouTube. Watch it. Then give yourself ten minutes to get lost within the weirder depths of YouTube while feeling good about yourself for having done something slightly productive.

Overheard: The people living above me (not God) keep throwing parties and I’m so close to hurting them.

Image via WikiCommons