Bwogline: The Alabama election is today. This election is important as its outcome will indicate the extent to which the ‘Me Too’ movement has affected the nation. In a last minute rally, Moore and his wife made statements like “One of our attorneys is a Jew” citing fake news for not relaying this important inclusive fact about his character. (The Guardian)

Baking my way through finals

Study Tip: If you’re always feeling tired when you finally stop procrastinating and actually begin to work perhaps you’re not drinking enough water! Daily hydration will not only help with focus, clarity and creativity but it will benefit your memory process.

Music:  Whether it’s blissful background music or a gentle depression that you’re after, Jessie Ware’s album has you covered.  (Jessie Ware – Glasshouse) 

Procrastination: Watch baking videos on Youtube or better yet pop on over to Broadway to spend money you don’t have on food you don’t need but really deserve.

Overheard: “That exam was f*cking awful, I honestly thought they handed me the wrong paper for a good 5 minutes”

Image via Janet Hudson