The brain of a decent human being who knows sexual assault is not okay. Also a human being who is attending the Zuckerman event tonight!

*CW: Sexual Assault, Violence*

Happening Around the World: After tensions have been raised over recent conductions of nuclear weapon testing by North Korea, many individuals believe now is the perfect time to begin reconciliation talks and deescalate the situation at hand. Kim Hong-Gul, a Nobel Peace Prize winner and one of the few individuals who have met Kim Jong-Un, is one of the individuals who believes this, and is advocating for peace talks to begin in order to help solve the crisis that has been becoming more tense. (Bloomberg)

Happening in the US: Donald Trump officially endorsed Roy Moore, a Republican candidate running for senate in Alabama, a move that everyone expected yet is still extremely shitty. Roy Moore has been accused by multiple women of sexual assault, yet still maintains his position in his campaign. Sounds familiar… birds of a feather flock together? (CNN)

Happening in the City: Fighting for a parking spot in Queens turned ugly Sunday night as a man has been found guilty of stabbing and running over multiple people, eventually killing 1. The incident occurred in the South Ozone Park area of Queens in front of a hookah shop, and took place using a rental car from New Jersey. Police have identified the victim as being a 23-year old man named Richardo Chattergoon, but the perpetrator has yet to be named. (NY Daily News)

Happening on Campus: Tonight at the Italian Academy, the Zuckerman Institute is holding an event called “Educating the Brain: How the Acquisition of Reading and Mathematics Affects Human Brain Circuits” from 4:15-6:15 PM. Professor Stanislas Dehaene will be leading the conversation as they discuss their research on this topic as well as issues such as brain plasticity and the consequences of neuroscience in education.

Overseen on Campus: “You have your coke addiction, I have my apple addiction.” (The Bwog Staff Writer who overheard this has no clue what the context is, so it is up to interpretation).

Lit brain via Public Domain