Orgo Night will be held in 209!

Earlier today, Bwog received this message from the Columbia University Marching Band, with strict instructions not to release the information contained within until 11:30 pm. In the future, if you wish to address us, please address us with ‘Greetings, Your Undying Majesty’ instead of ‘Hi.’ 

Hi Bwog,

Tonight, Orgo Night will be held in Butler 209. One year ago, we were told that, after 63 straight semesters of holding Orgo Night in Butler 209, we were no longer allowed to continue this tradition in the library. This semester, we decided that we would no longer accept the University’s decrees meant to silence us and destroy one of the few traditions Columbia has left. So, join us tonight at 11:59 pm in Butler 209 (though you’ll want to get there early so you can find space!) for our 66th consecutive 69th semi-annual Orgo Night. We can’t force you to CUMB but you will if you do!

And if you prefer a tantalizing preview, here is our latest promo video.