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Amigos In Memoriam

We will have to resort to going to the Heights for our margaritas now

Another beloved MoHi staple, Amigos, closed at the end of the last semester. Since its opening in 2013, Amigos has provided Columbia students with amazingly mediocre Mexican food, potentially poisonous margaritas, and many fond memories. Students and alums shared their favorite memories of Amigos with us that will live on forever in our nostalgic recollections. (Disclaimer: Bwog does not endorse or condone underage or irresponsible drinking.)

  • When they let our new sports editor drink soda instead of margaritas when everyone else at the table ordered a margarita special
  • When David refilled a senior staffer’s margaritas until she was wasted, even though she and her girlfriend initially went there for one drink and a dinner, and when she forgot that Amigos has two restrooms
  • When our new managing editor pregamed an Amigos birthday party and spent the party stuffing her face with guac and telling her friends she loved them. She added that she didn’t go to Amigos many times this year, but every time she went, she spent quality time with the people who meant the most to her.
  • Matt Neky commented on Facebook, “The time that Kara Kupferberg and I bought shots and the bartender also poured himself one and screamed ‘salud y amor’.”
  • When our Alma “Bagel” Bwogger used a caution wet floor sign as a percussion instrument at her Amigos birthday party as David rolled out infinite vodka and tequila shots
  • When Bwog’s friend Howard worked there
  • Various variations of “fishbowl”
  • @ARM_Y on Twitter said, “[$3] margs at lunch, [tipsy] at afternoon classes. The spot for heavy handed drinks, I went alllll the time with my sister.”
  • David
  • @gross_raisin on Twitter said, “I remember going to Wednesday unlimited quesadilla and marg night when Amigos first opened and staying for four hours. The next week they had a two hour limit. #RIP. May it join Campo, Il Cibreo, Deluxe, and so many others in mediocre MoHi restaurant heaven.”
  • @Chris_Szablewski on Twitter replied to the above, “Of the three restaurants at that location in my four years there, it was by far, my most adequate.”
  • @KeyesLuv tweeted, “A recent 2017 grad here. Amigos was THE place for my friends and I. In my 4 years at CU, I’ve (attempted to) down too many fish bowls, danced in the middle of the floor to salsa and had too margaritas with the salted rim for my own good […] Amigos will surely be missed.”
  • @NickChalk4 on Twitter once had a few margaritas and threw up so subtly on the table that none of his friends noticed.

RIP Amigos!

Amigos via Bwog Archives

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