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Bwog Asked: Are You Happy With Your Schedule?

No rest for the wicked

4/30 blaze it

Last Friday marked the last day you could add a class without the instructor’s permission, AKA the last day of the Change of Program Period. While there are still course selection-adjacent deadlines coming up (February 20 is the last day to drop a class for CC, GS, and Barnard students; March 22 is the same for SEAS, as well as the deadline for all schools to change a course’s grading to Pass/D/Fail), most of us should have our schedules firmed up by now. So we were curious: what do the students of Columbia think of their schedules for this semester? Bwog scattered to the four corners of Morningside Heights, Bwog Asked, and Bwog Received:

  • “I like my schedule! I was able to fit my work-study in the mornings and do all my classes in the afternoon.”
  • “No. I have a big-ass gap every single day between classes, so I end up taking a fat nap instead of doing any work. I’m fucked.”
  • “Classes are good but [I] ended up with a 9 am lab and a class at the Arts Center on 125th with a professor who is really punctual.”
  • “Eh could be better but my love life could be better as well.”
  • “My roommate’s friend says no, my roommate says it’s a lot but she’s happy.”
  • “After two petitions and several frantic emails before course application deadlines, yes.”
  • A Bwogger’s roommate: “No because all my stuff ends at 5:30 and I don’t have any time where I can just relax.”
  • “No Friday classes!”
  • “Yeah, it gets a bunch of stuff that I need to do out of the way, none of my classes are too late—even though it’s busy it’s not unreasonable.”
  • “Kind of: I like my classes, but I have 6:10-8:00 pm classes almost every day so my dinner schedule is fucked.”
  • “I’m always a mess…do you think this semester is anything different? My schedule reflects my life.”
  • A Bwogger asked this question in a groupchat with a friend who’s on medical leave. His reply: “My schedule is really bringing me down right now. All of my professors are me…and I’m a dick so that’s a whole issue. I read up all my own evaluations, I’m late with homework, and I rarely grade assignments. Not to mention the nepotism involved when all of the students are 100% blood related to the professor…I mean that’s just asking for trouble.”
  • “No, but it is what it is.”

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