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The building where it happens.

Happening Around The World: Amidst threats of nuclear missile attacks from North Korea, Japan has conducted their first major missile evacuation drill to prepare themselves for an event that may happen in the future. This has prompted mixed reactions from the Japanese public, as some view the drill as being beneficial to the safety of the Japanese public while others feel that these types of drills monger fear. (Japan Times)

Happening in the Country: After conflicts over programs such as DACA, a program that provides rights and protection for undocumented youth, the Senate will reconvene today to vote on opening up the government for talks. Since the end of last week, the government has been shut down, halting services such as national parks and legislative processes. (CNN)

Happening in NYC: Around 4:45 PM yesterday, a shooting occurred at Herald Square, between 32nd Street and Broadway. Three men, including a tourist from Romania, were shot by a gun-wielding 45-year old man, prompting them to be sent to the hospital. Everyone is expected to have a full recovery. (CBS)

Happening on Campus: World-renowned physician Dr. Nadine Burke Harris will be on campus today for a book signing and panel discussion of her new work, The Deepest Well, as well as talk about issues regarding child adversity. This will be held at the Italian Academy from 3:00-5:30 PM. (Information can be found here)

Overheard on Campus: “The next time we go to EC, I want to get so wasted that we steal all of the tarp from the grass so we can give the people what they want” – JJ’s, 1/21/18

Big white building that is not the White House via Public Domain