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How To Accidentally Work Out

This dog probably just walked from John Jay to NoCo carrying the entire Lit Hum syllabus.

It’s hard to stay in shape when it feels like the only exercise you have time for is lifting your food to your mouth. But worry not: Bwog is here with some suggestions that will help you get in shape without even noticing! (Ok, you’ll notice, but you won’t really have a choice.)

  1. Take classes on Hamilton 7 on purpose. While everyone else is bitching about how hard the trek up the stairs is, you’ll know it’s helping tone your legs and butt.
  2. Live in 110. Or Carlton Arms. Or Goldsmith. All these dorms are far enough from important campus things that you’ll have to walk way more than if you lived right next to campus.
  3. Study in the library farthest from your dorm. Like the above suggestion, this forces you to walk more than you otherwise would.
  4. Make sure to take classes with lots of reading to make your backpack nice and heavy. If you have heavy textbooks, just keep those on you at all times. Now all the extra walking you’re doing will be even better for your cardio health.
  5. Downgrade your computer. Light-as-air MacBooks and Surfaces aren’t going to make you sweat, but a dinosaur computer from five years ago sure will.
  6. Type really fast. Sure, it only works out your fingers, but every calorie counts.
  7. Use the treadmill desk in the Teachers College library. Yes, they exist. Just be careful you don’t get sweat on your reading.
  8. Shop at Garden of Eden instead of Morton Williams or Westside. It’s good for your health and the 10% student discount means it’s good for your wallet too.
  9. Buy your liquor at La Salle instead of International. There’s no better workout than walking up the hill to 120th with a handle of vodka in each hand. Plus when you’re done you get to celebrate with vodka.

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