Someone please collect their tampon.

Happening Around the World: Amidst threats from outside countries and organizations of a terrorist attack or an affiliated plan, South Korea has been practicing drills in Pyeongchang for the Winter Olympics, which open this Thursday. Over 36,000 foreigners have already been banned from the event in lieu of safety concerns. (CBS)

Happening in the US: The 52nd Super Bowl occurred last night, with the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles fighting it out for NFL’s most esteemed title. The Eagles ended up claiming the title, beating the Patriots in a close game 41-33. This year’s performer at the Halftime Show was Justin Timberlake, whose performance was controversial over the usage of a Prince hologram after Prince explicitly stated he would not want one done of him. (CBS)

Happening in the City: A man drove to City Hall and shot himself in the head early this morning. Around 7:30 AM, police were called to City Hall after reports of a man driving his car up to the eastern gate of the building and got out of his car to shoot himself in the head. Police are conducting an investigation as to the intentions of this act, and have the area surrounding City Hall under more surveillance. (NBC)

Happening on Campus: Interested in political science and psychology? This event may be for you. Professor David Nickerson will be hosting a talk called “Director of Experiments: The Science Behind Democracy and Political Campaigns” today from 1:00-2:00 PM in Room 1512 of the International Affairs building. This discussion will focus on the usage of data analysis in politics, as well as his experience providing data analysis for the Obama and Clinton presidential campaigns. More about the event here.

Overseen on Campus: A tampon laying about on the ground. Is it enjoying its life? Or is it in pain, enduring the cold, waiting for its owner to pick it up from the ground?

 Gotta catch it all via Bwog Staffer