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Bwoglines: One Liners Edition

Goooooood morning, Columbia! Today’s Bwoglines is short and sweet. Update, 11;35 am: A previous version of this post incorrectly summarized the India Supreme Court’s decision. Happening around the World: India’s Supreme Court decriminalized homosexuality, overturning a colonial-era law. (BBC) Happening in the US: Have you read this ballsy op-ed from an anon in Trumps admin? (NY […]

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Bwoglines: The Super Bowl Halftime Show Was A Letdown Edition

Happening Around the World: Amidst threats from outside countries and organizations of a terrorist attack or an affiliated plan, South Korea has been practicing drills in Pyeongchang for the Winter Olympics, which open this Thursday. Over 36,000 foreigners have already been banned from the event in lieu of safety concerns. (CBS) Happening in the US: The […]

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Bwoglines: Happy Halloweekend Edition

Happening in the World: 300,000 anti-independence protestors gather in the Catalan capital of Barcelona, Spain on Sunday following the Catalan Parliament’s vote on Friday to pursue unilateral independence. Protesters rallied after Madrid took unprecedented measures to quash the region’s bid to split from Spain (CNN). Happening in the US: Miss seeing Obama in the public eye? What […]

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Bwoglines: Did Yesterday Actually Happen Edition

Happening in the World: Somalia has been devastated by a deadly explosion that killed at least 75 people. A car bomb went off in its capital, Mogadishu, injuring 200 on Saturday. In addition to several car bomb attacks this year, Somalia has also faced severe famine as violence and food shortages have plagued the nation. As of now, […]

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Bwoglines: Take Me Back Edition

Berniechella, a music festival in Old Town Coachella, California, has been scheduled to take place April 22 and 23. (CNN) Same sex penguin couple has been given the chance to build a life together. (Huffington Post) Visit any national park for free this week for National Park Week. (USA Today) North Carolinas new “bathroom law” presents complicated […]

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Field Notes: American Apparel Edition

A mainstay of Morningside Heights you could never afford goes out of business, you doubt the veracity of the American dream, and you fail your Chemistry midterm: all in a week’s work. A weird revelation: we’re beginning to think everything in our lives can be tied to the rise and fall of American Apparel, or really, any once-profitable-but-no-longer […]

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Bwog In Bed: Good Morning Edition

Bwog is struggling to wake up without a 9 AM final as motivation, so here’s some good news and tips for the day to get you out of bed and help you truly have a good morning. Bwogline: Elizabeth Warren is leading a coalition of senators demanding the Department of Health and Human Services to […]

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Bwog In Bed: One Day Down, Eight Million More To Go

Every morning until the end of finals, you’ll find Bwog in bed. Join us for a few minutes as we contemplate the damage done by yesterday’s procrastination, and sheepishly discard empty Cheeze-It boxes before our suitemates awake. Remember always: Bwogline: In light of reports that New York City windows are shedding their steel bars, […]

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