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Personals: Zack And Sarah

We know you love Bwog, so why not give some of the staff a chance? Celebrate Valentine’s Day with some #Bwoglove with Sarah and Zack! If you’re interested in reaching out to either of them (you should) slide into

Ooohhh mysterious

Name, Year, School, Major: Zack, CC ’21, Economics and/or DataSci

Preference: guy for girl or emotional support peacock

Hometown: Commack, NY (but I pretend I’m from the city)

Your nightmare date in seven words or fewer: “I scrolled back FAR on your Instagram.”

What redeems you as a human being? I will rant about anything and everything if you give me the chance.

Library room of choice: Lerner Tech Room

Beverage of choice: Hot Chocolate, at the perfect temperature between too hot and too cold.

Which dating apps have you been active on? (be honest) Tinder, deactivated after a while.

Where can you usually be found on a Saturday night? Catching up on my podcasts from the rest of the week.

Historical Hottie: Hedy Lamarr


You could be the Bwog sign.

Name, Year, School, Major: Sarah Ruth Kinney, 2020, the college ™, Human Rights & Education!

Preference: gurl for boi

Hometown: Columbia, Missouri (plus a little bit of Arkansas thrown in for good measure).

Your nightmare date in seven words or fewer: He doesn’t appreciate good food.

What redeems you as a human being: My bangs.

Library room of choice: Butler 6, the big room with the nice view.

Beverage of choice: Skim milk (haters gonna hate).

Which dating apps have you been active on? (be honest): Tinder, Bumble. have yet to find love on either.

Where can you usually be found on a Saturday night? Being moody alone in my room.

Historical Hottie: Young Joseph Stalin

Images via Zack Abrams and Sarah Kinney 

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