By the end of this post, you’ll be rollin in it!

According to CCE, there is currently “no centralized resource for finding [casual] on-campus employment.” Helpful. Whether you’re looking for a work-study job or are just looking for some extra pocket money, we’ve amassed a list of jobs on and around campus that are available for all to apply to, as well as some helpful details. Enjoy!

  • Tutoring
    • Columbia Center for Student Advising hires CC/SEAS peer tutors. They’re mostly looking for tutors for large STEM lecture classes. Freshmen are not eligible. They pay $18/hr.
    • GS Academic Resource Center hires GS peer tutors. They hire for math, science, and foreign language subjects. They pay $18/hour.
    • Barnard hires Barnard tutors, who work anywhere between 2 and 10 hours per week. All but first-semester freshmen are eligible. They pay $15/hour.
  • Columbia Student Calling Center hires student callers, who work part-time for 9 hours/week, with flexible shifts. They pay $15/hr.
  • Columbia Libraries hires part-time library assistants. To apply, fill out an application in Butler 519 from 9 am to 4:30 pm, Monday-Friday. They pay $13.50/hr.
  • Community Impact provides tutoring for high school equivalency tests in NY, TASC, and English. Shifts run from 9 am to 8:30 pm. They pay $14.25/hr.
  • Tompkins Hall is searching for spring teachers’ assistants. Because there’s no opening posted online, we suggest inquiring by sending an email to or calling them at 212-854-9601. They pay $13.50/hr.
  • Public Safety hires part-time residence hall aides, student escorts, and desk assistants. To apply, email your resume and cover letter to They pay $15/hr.
  • Various on-campus departments hire office assistants. One Bwogger is an events planner for the Human Rights department and is paid $15/hr. Googling “Office assistant Columbia” is a great starting point.
  • Dodge Fitness Center has a range of open student positions, including lifeguards, referees, fitness staff, and camp counselors. The pay for these positions ranges from $12-$15/hr.
  • Columbia Catering in University Events Management hires student caterers at the beginning of the year. We’re not sure if they hire in the middle of the year. Pay unknown.
  • Pret A Manger hires baristas and team members. Bwog loves Pret. They pay $11/hr.
  • Junzi Kitchen is currently hiring staffers (we indeed saw a “Now Hiring” sign on their window a couple days ago). Pay unknown.
  • Many on-campus jobs are also available in Lionshare. If you look in the “Jobs” tab, there is a very convenient “on-campus” filter that can help you find positions. These jobs can range from flyering or more long-term openings.

Mo Money Fewer Problems via Bwog Archives