Whaddup Barnard friends (and Columbia kids if you’re cool enough to room w/ us?)! Housing selection is soon approaching. Bwog is back with our coveted and much anticipated Housing Reviews. Today it’s 110 (more officially called 601 W 110th St), a Barnard dorm that’s very grown-up. Look forward to more great content this week.

Location: 601 West 110th Street

Nearby Dorms: Harmony (Columbia dorm), Carlton Arms kinda (also Columbia), very far from everything else

Stores and Restaurants: 1020, Mel’s, Panda Express, Absolute Bagels, Westside, HMart, Chipotle, Koronet’s, Famiglia, Juice Press, Five Guys, Duane Reade, the Vitamin Shoppe, Garden of Eden. It’s popping over here!

Cost: Singles and doubles will all be the same price next year! wow! Studio singles will still be more expensive. Barnard trustees haven’t released pricing yet, but last year singles cost $10,712 and studios cost $16,000.

BathroomsThis is apartment-style living, and each apartment has at least one bathroom. Some have two! They are all old/outdated. Expect cracked tiles, peeling paint, weird irremovable stains, etc. Also, like for all Barnard upperclassmen dorms, you need to clean them yourself.


  • AC/Heating: Heating in every room. You can’t control it and it’s often overpowering. No AC.
  • Kitchens/Lounges: All apartments have kitchens with fridge, sink, and stove/oven. Studio singles have only kitchenettes, with sink, fridge, and stove but no oven.
  • Laundry: All in the basement. Requires a different card than other Barnard dorms.
  • Computers/Printers: None.
  • Gym: Far from campus…but closer to Yoga to the People?
  • Intra-Transporation: Two elevators (constantly breaking), two stairwells.
  • WiFi: Yes, but it requires separate login than Barnard secure. (Each apartment has its own router).
  • Hardwood or Carpet: Mostly carpet, some hardwood in kitchen. Tile in bathroom.

Room Variety:

  • Mostly doubles with some triples and a few singles.
  • The doubles and triples are huge (many are converted living rooms). If you get a single, that will also be large (check out 7O1 for possibly the largest single possible in Barnard housing).
  • This is a quirky building. There’s plenty variety in the different floors: check the floor plans for more details!

Bwog Recommendation:

  • Living here is the closest you might come to apartment-style living/real world life before graduating, but prepare yourself for rodents, ants, and other gross shit. These apartments are old.
  • It’s nice to get a walk in every day on your way to campus, but it really sucks if you’re forgetful or like going home between classes to change/nap/eat.
  • You can get packages delivered here (but you aren’t supposed to! It’s still super easy though).
  • Toilet paper is provided by RA’s every weekend, so you don’t have to buy it.
  • You can usually walk in without security checking your ID.
  • The 110 subway stop is very convenient.

Resident Opinions:

  • “Living across from westside is the best thing ever.”
  • “You get used to the walk to campus pretty quickly and it’s really not that bad.”
  • “It’s just a really nice place to live and you feel like a (semi) functional adult.”
  • “You can throw parties here but be careful. Some real-life neighbors might report you. If they’re chill though then this is a great party spot.”
  • “There are NO good halal carts near 110.”
  • “The facilities people and guards are really nice, more so than in other Barnard dorms (at least in my experience).”
  • “If you never take the stairs maybe be wary of 110 because the elevators are super slow and break very often.”