Want to be close to Riverside Park and don’t mind walking up hills? Woodbridge has everything you need.

Nearby dorms: St. A’s, Schapiro, the 600s, River (sort of).
Stores and restaurants: Morton William’s, a halal cart, Sweetgreen, Starbucks, Shake Shack, Pret.

Cost: standardized to $9,538 per year


  • Bathrooms: Sink, toilet, and bathtub, one per suite. Cleaned once a week by Facilities.
  • AC/Heating: Heating, but no AC.
  • Kitchen/Lounge: Each suite has its own kitchen. There are no floor lounges, but each suite has a large room that can be used as a common space or a second bedroom.
  • Laundry: Free; in the basement.
  • Fire Escapes: None.
  • Gym: There’s a fitness room on the first floor.
  • Bike Storage: None.
  • Intra-transportation: One slow elevator; stairs.
  • Hardwood/Carpet: Linoleum in the kitchens, carpet in the rest of the suite. (Unless you’re in one of the rare renovated suites, which have hardwood floors.)

Room variety:

  • There are six singles and 78 doubles, but most residents make their common space a bedroom to create two singles.
  • Housing divides the suites into low demand, medium demand, and high demand suites for lottery purposes.
  • High demand: H, K, C lines. H and C suites face the river and have plenty of large windows. K suites face 114th and are slightly larger.
  • Low demand: G, D, I lines. G and D suites are shafted and I suites face 114th, but they’re all small.
  • Medium demand: all the others.


  • High demand 2017 cutoff: 30/2503
  • Medium demand 2017 cutoff: 20/157
  • Low demand 2017 cutoff: 20/2820

Bwog recommendation:

Woodbridge is a great option for rising seniors who want an apartment-style living space. You only have to share the kitchen and bathroom with one other person. There are also some amazing views from the higher floors, and if you like Riverside Park the location can’t be beat. The hill from Riverside to Broadway along 115th is not a small one and can feel interminable, especially in the winter. The suites feel quite cozy.

Resident opinions:

  • “Walk along Riverside for classes on the north end of campus. It’s beautiful and nice to be close to nature.”
  • “Facilities fixes stuff very quick, but there do seem to be chronic problems with heating.”
  • “Woodbridge is great for hosting if you live in one of the bigger suites.”
  • “Because there’s no floor lounge, it’s hard to feel a sense of community in the building.”
  • “The water pressure is really good.”
  • “I’ve heard no complaints of rats/mice/bugs.”

Photos via Bwog Staff