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Barnard And Columbia College Release Names Of Phi Beta Kappa Inductees

This society is literally as old as our nation.

This evening, both Barnard College and Columbia College released the names of the remaining inductees for their 2018 classes of Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Beta Kappa is made up of 10 percent of the respective college senior class, chosen “based on the breadth, depth and rigor of their academic programs” (not necessarily the top 10 percent GPA-wise, but ya know, there’s a lot of overlap). The first two percent of each class were elected last fall, receiving the special honors of Junior Phi Beta Kappa. You can find CC’s fall list here and Barnard’s one here.

Behold! The 2018 class of Columbia College Phi Beta Kappa

Eight percent announced April 25, 2018:

Ariana Agrios
Shyamolie Biyani
Po Bodin
Katya Bookchin
Grace Brancale
Sophie Bridges
John Butler
Stephanie Cajigas
Josue Chavez
Alexander Chen
Maleeha Chida
Jeanne Chouchana
Tze Chen Chun
Lindsey Cohen
Caitlin Connolly
Colin Conroy
Benjamin Covington
Henry Doran
Benjamin Dubow
Adam Elkhadem
Juan Ellis Ochoa
Tiffany Fang
Alexandra Fay
Dore Feith
Maxwell Fineman
Natalie Gaisser
Jordan Goodson
Kaatje Greenberg
Jennifer Gu
Elizabeth Gunawan
Yuan He
Samuel Henick
John Hui
Peter Kalicki
Bryan Kao
Thomas Kicak
Bryan Kim
Jennie Kim
Samantha Klitzman
Pak Kin Lai
Kabir Laroia
Emily Lavine
Benjamin LaZebnik
Stephen Leong
Anne Li
Rui Li
Tony Li
Danny Li
Michele Lin
Thomas Luh
Laura MacMullin
Matthew Malone
Namit Mehta
Alexander Meshel
Noah Miller
Chang Moon
Michael Moore
Kelvin Ng
Hung Nguyen
Thomas Nielsen
Sarah Park
Yeji Park
Tatiana Petelina
David Quintas
Julien Reiman
Emanuelle Rizk
Max Rosenberg
Eugenia Sanchez
Alicia Schleifman
Julia Schluger
Christopher Schroer
Robert Sheardown
Goldie Shen
Sidarth Singh
Tanveer Singh
Srishti Sinha
Ricardo Suniga Barajas
Benjamin Swanson
Margaret Toner
Tiffany Troy
Mitchell Tuckerman
Jia Wan
Boya Wang
Alaina Wibberly
Megan Wicks
Julius Wilson
Talmage Wise
Emily Yeh
Alexander Yu
Cristian Zaharia
Keming Zhang
Mimi Zimmer

Two percent named December 8, 2017:

Andrew Arditi
Michael Argenziano
Hannah Bender
China Braekman
Caroline Chen
Theo Coyne
Edward Crouse
Isaiah Feldman-Schwartz
Brianne Felsher
Samantha Goldberg
Adil Hussain
Taronish Irani
Sanchit Jain
Dorothy Janick
Guillermo Carranza Jordan
Nathan Katkin
Craig Nielsen
Daniel Reuter
Simona Sarafinovska
Jill Shah
Abigail Sharkey
Rachel Sommers
Caroline Yang
Jenny Yoo

Incredible! Here’s Barnard’s list of 2018 Phi Beta Kappa members. 

Eight percent named in the spring: 

Varya Abramova
Jenna M. Bergmann
Elena J. Caminer
Cary A. Chapman
Stephanie Ching
Gabriella E. Cohen
Christina C. Costeas
Levi Craske
Danielle B. Dennis
Letty L. DiLeo
Kirby R. Eckels
Alison C. Fraerman
Dana Frayne
Annika S. Freudenberger
Morgan N. Geraghty
Tejashree S. Gopal
Linda T. Gordon
Elizabeth M. Harding
Gabriela N. Hoberman
Jessica R. Hopen
Sophia I. Hotung
Vivian Huang
Nia F. Judelson
Madeline C. King
Isabel M. Klein
Hana L. Koob
Sylvia C. Korman
Sarah M. Krosnick
Elizabeth F. Lee
Nora T. Mathison
Meredith A. McAneny
Laura McLean
Zofia V. Mita
Rachel Mulholland
Jenny Ni
Miriam Philipson
Eliana Pickholz
Alexa M. Pinsky
Jessica M. Reich
Raquel R. Rosenberg
Stephanie A. Rothermel
Emma S. Ruskin
Amanda Ryvkin
Yiela Saperstein
Tina Shan
Alina Siddiqui
Emma C. Snover
Christina M. Stevens
Jessica E. Tschida
Shaina W. Twardus
Lauren R. Wildes

Two percent named last fall:

Megan Cerbin
Milena d’Ornano
Allison Hand
Lauren Hayashi
Doha Tazi Hemida
Aliza Holstein
Rebecca Jedwab
Ana Shindell
Danielle Silber
Kyra Spence
Teresa Tracy
Erin Low Li Wen
Lingke Xiao


Image via this post announcing the new CEO of PBK.

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    @Congrats everyone! Alex Yu is the nicest, smartest, and best looking person I know on campus. CONGRATS ON PBK!!!!!!!!

  • gspbk says:

    @gspbk What, no love for GS??

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