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Only a short time remains for CC and SEAS students to vote in this year’s student council elections, but Bwog is still here with one more endorsement post: we support Henry Feldman, CC ’21, for CCSC Student Services Representative. Feldman is aware of the problems that many Columbia students encounter daily and aims to reduce the impact that stress culture has on campus and the student body in general. His platform is ambitious, but because of his thorough research and overall preparedness for the role, Bwog feels as though Feldman would be an excellent representative.

His platform can be easily broken down into four main parts: improving mental health support, supporting students with food insecurity, reducing club selectivity, and improving the day-to-day functioning of campus life in general. Feldman has been made aware of issues within CPS through speaking to students and attending the recent Mental Health Town Hall, and wants to improve the system so that students follow a formalized timeline, ensuring that students don’t fall through the cracks. With better oversight and increased transparency between administration and student mental health initiatives, Feldman believes that effective changes can be made.

Feldman also focused on Sharemeals, an initiative aiming to combat food insecurity that has struggled to reach its potential for Columbia students. Through better advertising and changes to the Sharemeals and Columbia Dining app, Feldman believes both could be revitalized. Changes are already underway according to Henry, believing that with time and development, the improvements will be enough to benefit students that are affected by food insecurity.

In our meeting with him, Feldman additionally discussed problems that students face when trying to get involved in student activities on campus, pointing a finger at club selectivity. He aims to “de-intensify” the process and make the process for students more transparent.

The Bwog editorial staff was impressed by Henry Feldman’s passion and commitment to changing student life on campus. It was clear that he has put a lot of thought and energy into his projects and initiatives, as he named people with whom he would meet and steps he would take in order to meet his goals.

No matter whom you’re supporting, be sure to get your votes in by 5 pm today!


Betsy Ladyzhets, Editor in Chief
Victoria Arancio, Managing Editor
Sarah Kinney, Internal Editor
Youngweon Lee, Social Media Editor

Image via Henry Feldman for CCSC Student Services Representative