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Freshpeople Housing Reviews 2018: Reid

Just look at that beautiful double!

It may not have air conditioning, but Reid is a perfectly nice place to spend your first year at Barnard, especially if you get a nice view of the Quad/Broadway. Just be wary of those roaches…

Location: The Quad (3009 Broadway)

Nearby dorms: The rest of the Quad, the 600s, Elliott, Furnald and Schapiro

Stores and restaurants: Halal Cart + food trucks, Morton Williams, Sweetgreen, Starbucks, Haagen-Dasz, Nussbaum & Wu… etc.

Cost: Barnard hasn’t released room rates for 2018-2019, but this year’s was $9,510.


  • Bathrooms: 2 shared stall-style bathrooms on each floor, one women’s and one gender-inclusive. More (and perhaps cleaner) bathrooms available on other halls, which you can walk to (unless you live in Sulz/Reid 2 – it’s cut off from the other buildings, so you have to go up a floor).
  • AC/Heating: Heating, no A/C. In the words of my Reid correspondent: Get a really good fan.
  • Kitchen/Lounge: One shared kitchen and TV lounge space per floor. Some people love hanging out here; others, like myself last year, would prefer the trek to Diana.
  • Laundry: There’s one washer/dryer set in Reid and 2 in Brooks. Make sure to refill your laundry card ahead of time, or suffer the trek down to Sulz lobby in your underwear/pajamas/last night’s threads.
  • Computers/printers: Available in Sulz basement.
  • Intra-transportation: 2 elevators accessible from the lobby.
  • Hardwood/carpet: The usual Quad situation: carpeted hallways, linoleum tile floors. Great for wiping coffee stains off of.
  • Room variety: Corridor-style double rooms; all first-years and RAs.

Bwog recommendations:

I lived on the Sulz side of Sulz/Reid 2 my freshman year, which means that my main topic of conversation with Reid residents was how great it was to have air conditioning. Nonetheless, first-years who live in Reid have a generally positive experience, commending the large rooms, views, and social (for me, maybe a little too social) environment. Living in the Quad also gives you access to a lot of great resources like practice rooms, the computer lab, vending machines, and bathrooms/laundry on other halls.

Resident opinions:

  • “My roommate and I both like it. We like the size of our room, there’s enough space.”
  • “We don’t have air conditioning, so you should get a really, really good fan.”
  • “It’s really convenient living in the Quad!”
  • “When there’s an event in the Quad, you can hear everything.
  • “Very social.”

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