Bwog is now accepting applications for resident couch potato.

Welcome to a new day of Housing Coverage (get excited)! If you weren’t able to pick during the first day, don’t you worry: there are still plenty of great dorms to choose from. It might be hard to believe, but things tend to work out the way that they are supposed to (or at least, that’s what Columbia Housing assures us).

There was some big news yesterday: with the new changes to EC, it might be okay that you might not end up living there after all. Even with an up-for-grabs brownstone available for selection, it seems that we might be in for a few more surprises before housing selection is over this year. While uncertainty might scare most, the reality is that most people (as of now) are like you, unsure as to where they are living next year.

Good luck with housing selection today Columbia! May the odds be ever in your favor. Below is a liveblog along with a spreadsheet that will keep you updated throughout the day! Feel free to come say hi to us during selection: we’ll be right here all day!

Image via Bwog