If you are 1/10th as happy as this 8-person group after picking tomorrow, you’ll be in good shape

Somewhere deep beneath the stacks of Butler library, an old proverb is written: on the third day of housing selection, one third of the rising junior class will know tears. We hope you, dear reader, will not be part of that cursed third, but if you are, there’s always space for you on our couch (and in our hearts.)

The last of the “good” “suites” will likely go today, from the big pullers in Ruggles and Claremont to that one final five-person suite in EC, along with many doubles. Keep track of the numbers and find our occasionally ill-advised commentary in the embedded spreadsheet and liveblog below. Also, if you are particularly stressed and want advice about your chances (or just want to rant to someone about the unfairness of it all), feel free to email our EIC at betsy@bwog.com; she’s stuck at her internship in Brooklyn all day today and is going through couch withdrawal.

Photo via Bwog Staff