Chad prepares his shot.

You’re heading into finals, but the frats are heading into the Interfrat Beer Pong Conference Finals. Bwog Sports brings you the events of this week. Remember to root for your favorites!

Sig Ep: Jack and Craig (12-3, 6-1 Sig Ep) defeated Greg and Jonathan (8-7, 4-3 Sig Ep) last night. Although Jack and Craig just started playing together this season, they’ve been dominating the field. This week’s win extends their five-game win streak, and they’re looking hot going into the Interfrat Conference finals this weekend having won the Sig Ep league by two whole games. Greg and Jonathan, the second place finishers in Sig Ep, hoped to tie Jack and Craig to force a tiebreaker tonight. But, early on, Craig hit fire and then scored three additional cups, putting him and Jack up six cups to two. Greg and Jonathan never recovered and although Greg hit his redemption shot, Jonathan missed his by a mile, ending the game and their season.

Sig Nu: Tyler and Logan (2-13, 1-6 Sig Nu) upset Jake and Charles (10-5, 4-3 Sig Nu) last night. Jake and Charles, fresh off a tough win Monday night at Lamda, started the game strong, hitting three cups in a row. Tyler and Logan went cupless for most of the game, and it wasn’t until they had only two cups left that Tyler decided to go for broke with a behind-the-back toss towards the rear cup. Against all odds, the ping pong ball floated into the pool of beer and Charles was forced to drink. After that, the tide turned—Tyler and Logan hit cup after cup and Jake and Charles got sloppier and sloppier. Although neither team will be in the finals this weekend, Tyler and Logan will both be back next year after a whole summer spent improving their best strength—a high tolerance for terrible beer.

Sig Chi: Chad and Michael (6-9, 7-0 Sig Chi) beat Alex and Luke (5-10, 5-2 Sig Chi) in the final Sig Chi tournament of the semester on Tuesday. Chad and Michael have dominated the Sig Chi league this year, winning all of their games in less than 15 minutes. Alex and Luke kept it close until the final minutes, when Michael and Chad each scored on their turn and forced a re-rack. They’re seeded last going into the finals this weekend, but Michael’s game in particular has been improving in the second half of the season. He and Chad haven’t lost a game since their embarrassing loss to a pair of Carmen residents back in early March.

Photo via Bwog Archives