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Dark Night Of The (Long-Abandoned) Soul

Bwog continues its fieldwork on overworked and excessively stressed college students, pulling three all-nighters in a row in solidarity. We may be delirious, but surely we can’t be hallucinating all of this. Here’s what this year’s finals have brought us.

Strange Encounters of the MoHi Kind

  • “Man crossing 113th alone with both arms raised in the air saying loudly:  It’s summertime! It’s summertime! It’s summertime! It’s summertime! Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.'”
  • (at 10 pm on a Tuesday) “guy across from me in Butler just pulled out a bag full of three poppyseed bagels… he just pulled one out and bit into it… he ate a whole one and now he’s on to number two”
  • “someone random plugged their computer charger into the outlet at my cubicle when I went to the bathroom”
  • “Woman saying to her 10 y/o son in a heavy Eastern European accent ‘you haf to take your finals'”
  • “Got fully saged outside of Butler. If it really were expelling my negative energy, I wouldn’t have to take finals.”
  • The fire alarm being pulled in Butler & the subsequent reveal of students who would rather die than leave

A visual art major’s thesis on stress culture

everything that’s ever been featured in my stress nightmares via Bwog Staff

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