May is nothing but a distant, shimmering memory now, and we left even June behind. The best season of the year, Gemini season, is well behind us, and we are deep into Cancer season. Summer is entering that boring lull as the Fourth of July approaches and we are all starting to get tired of whatever we are doing, whether that be more classes, working, nothing, or sweating. Do you miss us yet? We sure miss our readers. Here’s what the first half of the summer has brought to Morningside Heights.


  • McBain Hall is falling apart and there is scaffolding around the exterior now.
  • Nussbaum is apparently closed for good.
  • Tuition is rising again. Click for: Columbia College, SEAS, Barnard
  • Joel Davis, GS student, was arrested on charges of child pornography and enticing a minor to have sex.
  • Kendrick Lamar came to campus for his Pulitzer.
  • Barnard has a new laundry system, complete with credit card payments and refunds for old laundry cards.
  • John Jay Dining Hall is being renovated.
  • Barnard Library is almost finished.
  • University Hardware & Housewares is expanding! They are moving to Spirit Halloween’s annual spot between 113th and 114th on Broadway.
  • Morningside Park has gotten a facelift.
  • Butler’s first-floor women’s bathrooms have new doors on their stalls so the awkward gap no longer exists.
  • The Columbia campus shuttle is switching to electric buses this week.
  • South Lawn is being redone again.
  • Amigos is being replaced by e’s Bar, which, according to their Twitter, is “a neighborhood joint with good food, good drinks, fun games and smiling people. Reminiscent of the dive bars we grew up in…for grown ups.” Sounds like Mel’s, A&C, and Hex&Co birthed a lovechild on 112th.

Some pics:

Field notes:

  • Korea won soccer against Germany which convinced me that we are living in a simulation
  • Went to my first wedding!
  • Made the (unwise?) decision to try to work multiple internships at once
  • Ran into Caitlyn Jenner at a dinner club
  • Saw my family I haven’t seen in a decade because they live in another country
  • Still trying to fix the sleep schedule that school ruined (used to be bicircadian lmao)
  • Had to cancel my trip to Bali because a VOLCANO erupted
  • Moved into an apartment in midtown where I’m staying for free
  • Had a birthday party on the roof of said building
  • Saw Donald Trump on the sidewalk
  • Went to a bar on the Lower East Side that’s on the 26th floor
  • Went to Stonewall the night before NYC Pride
  • Finally got my visa to go to France after a consulate visit that involved running down Madison Ave to a bougie pharmacy with 10 min to spare to get new passport photos taken
  • Hosted my girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend on our couch and it was ok
  • Met Newt Gingrich
  • Saw Scott Rogowsky on a subway – or wait, maybe he was one of 100 identical-looking Brooklyn hipsters

Beautiful, beautiful MoHi via Bwog Staff