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The 2018 Disorientation Guide Has Been Released

The cover of this year’s Disorientation Guide

It’s NSOP, which means new students are flocking to campus, eager to learn more about life at their new school. The 2018 Disorientation Guide is here to give them more information about the place they’ll be spending the next four years at.

The Disorientation Guide is a collaboration between the Barnard Zine Club and student activists, created with the intent of making new students more cognizant of Columbia’s history, what’s happening now, and how to get involved with campus activism. This year’s Disorientation Guide consists of several pages adapted from previous Disorientation Guides (see 2014, 2016, and 2017 Disorientation Guides for more), but it’s also been updated with new sections reflecting recent events on campus. It highlights divestment efforts, particularly the recent CUAD Referendum, includes a spread called “1968 and Its Afterlives,” and details efforts to get Columbia to bargain with the graduate student workers union.

The zine also includes pages for identity-based clubs on campus that students can join and information about resources available to them. It also offers some tips and advice on how to navigate your first year at Barnard and Columbia. You can read this year’s full Disorientation Guide here.

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  • Future Starbucks baristas says:

    @Future Starbucks baristas and leftie cucks.

  • run 3 says:

    @run 3 Discouraging guidance helps newcomers to better understand the history of Columbia, what is happening and how to participate in the school’s operations.

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