You at gLow Up. Carman parties could never.

It’s day 4 of NSOP, which means you’re probably getting used to the hustle and bustle of the orientation program that seems to never end. Although there are still plenty of required events in store for today, these will essentially force you to be more social, hopefully letting you make some new friends. Let the memories begin!

Today’s Highlights:

  • Yankees ticket distribution begins today! Tickets for the Yankees game on Thursday night will be available from 9 am to 5 pm today and tomorrow! CC and SEAS students can get their tickets on the 2nd floor ramp in Lerner, and Barnard students can get theirs outside the Barnard Gates. The tickets will have specific seats, so make sure you grab them with the people you want to sit with, and don’t forget your CUID!
  • Sibling Hangout, 7-8 pm: Hang out with your classmates from Barnard, CC, and SEAS as OL groups from Barnard and Columbia gather together to allow you to meet some cool new people and facilitate new friendships! The location will be determined by your OL, so stay tuned to figure out where to head.
  • gLow Up & Starlight Gamenight, 8-10 pm: Students from all four undergraduate schools are encouraged to gather together for gLow Up, which is exactly what it sounds like: a glow stick party on Low Plaza. For those not so interested in dancing with glow sticks, there will also be Starlight Gamenight on the Diana steps. There will be board games and snacks. Be sure to bring your own picnic blanket!

One Thing To Do Before Graduating: Although Butler is beautiful and the new Milstein Center looks incredible, go out and try to find some study spaces off campus that you love! Whether it’s Central Park, the New York Public Library, or even the Hungarian Pastry Shop on 111th and Amsterdam, off-campus study spots make studying for midterms feel a lot less suffocating and are a good opportunity to really explore the city while not sacrificing any precious time. There are tons of places to choose from, suitable for all kinds of study environment preferences.

From The Archives: It’s no secret that Bwog Staff loves 1020, but not as much as Robert loves a girl he met there.

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