Students gearing up to hear another variation on Deantini’s Pantone 292 speech at convocation yesterday

Welcome to Columbia, class of 2022! By now, your boxes are unpacked, your parents are miles away, and your phones are already starting to fill with the numbers and Snapchat handles of potential new friends. It’s NSOP season here in sunny, humid Morningside Heights, and Bwog is here to help you get through the required events and the awkward icebreakers. If you see, hear, or do anything particularly wild this week, tell us about it at or through our anonymous form.

Today’s Highlights:

  • First LitHum class, 10-11:30 am: Welcome to the Core! Hopefully you’ve been reading your Homer and will be prepared to say something smart as Prof. Joanna Stalnaker, program chair of Literature Humanities, gives CC students your first lecture of the semester. No pressure, it’s just your entire class in Roone judging your comments.
  • #BarnardReads, 9:30-11 am or 11:15-12:45 pm: While Columbia students are getting a LitHum lecture, Barnard students will be discussing their own summer reading in small groups with faculty members. You’ll get a taste of what your first-year writing and first-year seminar classes will be like! (Hopefully with fewer of your classmates napping through the discussion.)
  • Through the Gates, 7-8:30 pm: Attending this event is probably the most school spirited you’ll feel in your entire four years at Columbia, unless you go to a winning Homecoming game. The marching band won’t be there this year to play Roar Lion Roar as you file out the gates (they were Not Invited to NSOP after some administrative disagreements over Orgo Night last semester), but your OLs will keep the energy going.

One Thing To Do Before Graduating: Grab a couple of potential friends (and maybe a bottle of wine?) and spend an evening on Low Steps, watching the sun sink beneath the horizon. Appreciate the beauty of this brilliant, ridiculous university that decided, for some brilliant, ridiculous reason, to invite you inside its gates. And maybe ask the people next to you some questions that go beyond the usual “what’s your name” / “where are you from” / “what do you want to major in” tedium. (We suggest: “What’s the best thing you put in your mouth last summer?”)

From The Archives: Bwog’s comment section always has been and always will be iconic, but we’re pretty sure it reached its peak with The Great Horse Porn Comment of 2011.

“a beginner’s mind” via Bwog Staff