Your OLs love you and want you to get lit!

Good morning, first years (and everyone else on campus)! Did you have fun last night? Did you attend your first Carman party, or perhaps get lit downtown on your RA night out? Regardless, we’re all in the same boat now, waking up for the first day of #required programming. So sit back, bask in your hangover, and get ready to pay attention to some important shit. 

Today’s highlights:

  • Today is move-in day for all you transferring, visiting, and combined-plan students! On behalf of Bwog, welcome to campus! We’re so excited to have you here. And remember: you can still join Bwog even if you’ll only be here for a semester. ;)
  • Under1Roof, Step Up & Get SAVI, Public Safety and Fire Safety: Not every OL group has all of these sessions today (some are today, some are tomorrow), but every new student will be attending at least one workshop today. Most of these sessions are long, and can have some serious energy lulls throughout, but they are required for a reason. These sessions ensure that every student who starts at Columbia is on the same page when it comes to our community of respect, activism, and justice. They are important, engaging, and interesting. (Oh, except for fire safety. That one is just boring.)
  • Academic Resources Fair, 3-5pm in Roone Auditorium: Go check out the resource fair to learn more about different departments here at Columbia! If you have an idea of what you want to study, go check out that booth and ones similar to it. If you have no idea of what you want to study, even better! Go walk up to random booths and see what they have to say!

One thing to do before graduating: Grab some friends (or go alone) and explore the Cathedral of St. John the Divine (located on 112th and Amsterdam). This beautiful cathedral is totally open to the public, and their vast gardens are fantastic. They even have real live peacocks walking around! Head on over and see if you can find them. It’s a super nice way to unwind and enjoy some quiet solace during such a hectic week.

From the archives: Looking for some inspo for your next Carman rager? Well look no further than the infamous Carman paint party of 2014. If you’re on a mission to rack up some university fines and probably also lose housing, then you’re in luck.


Image via me.