All the Barnard meal plans in one convenient chart

This afternoon, Barnard Dining sent an email to students announcing changes expanding the College’s meal options for the coming school year. Two of these changes were announced with this year’s tuition increase in May, but you probably weren’t paying attention back then, so Dining is happy to remind you of its feats now.

Here’s the official list of Barnard Dining improvements from their email, excessive exclamation points and all:


  • Liz’s Place will now take meal swipes! See signs in Liz’s Place for details on the meal swipes.
  • Diana Center Café will now open at 8:00 AM for breakfast!
  • You can now use your own meal swipes for guests!
  • JJ’s Place is now accessible to Barnard students during all hours they are open!

Bwog is pretty excited about all of these changes, although we’re unsure what students will be using their Liz’s Place swipes for. Barnard students are finally able to use their own swipes for guests and get 2 am omelets at JJ’s with everyone else. However, Dining’s biggest accomplishment – bringing Hewitt up to A levels of cleanliness – is surprisingly absent from their email.

Barnard students have until Friday, September 7 to select or change their meal plans, which are still required for all students despite some controversy earlier this summer.