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Barnard Laundry Sucks

How Barnard students feel when thinking about the new laundry machines.

This summer, Barnard unveiled a new laundry machine system that was intended to make doing laundry easier for Barnard students. These laundry machines allow students to ditch their old TediMatts laundry cards and instead pay with a card, cash, or Apple Pay. While these new machines sounded nice in theory, reality suggests otherwise.

Overpriced, inconvenient, and only available at 2 in the morning on a Tuesday? No, not that. I’m talking about the washing machines at Barnard.

Now that the heat has subsided (for now), it’s time to complain about other things going on in the Barnard dorms. If you live in the quad, you have probably seen disgruntled first-years hauling their wet laundry fresh out of the washers from floor to floor in desperate search for a dryer that a) works b) accepts card or c) is empty.

With the number of washers that literally won’t take our money, there are fewer machines available to the first years in the quad.

Basically, what I’m trying to get at here, is that Barnard’s laundry situation right now sucks. And we have to pay for it! CC and SEAS students get to enjoy their tuition-included laundry AND the use of washers and dryers on the same floor.

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  • Alum says:

    @Alum In the real world, laundry is a luxury… so shhhh.

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