Do you think Housing would allow me to keep this in my room?

We hope everybody is out enjoying the activities fair today (especially now that it’s not 100º outside)! If you’re anything like me, the more you walked around the endless rows of tables, the more you got to thinking about other clubs you wish we had here at Columbia. Of course anyone can always just start whatever club they want, but that sounds like a lot of work. So instead we’ll just leave our list here. Feel free to steal our ideas, or tweet us at @bwog to share yours. 

Finger painting club
Grilled cheese club
Wine tasting club
Dean Kromm fan club
Deantini fan club
Vlogging club
Glass heels club
Sleeping through my 8:40 club
My Hello Kitty toaster club
Candle club
Coffee brewing club
Beer brewing club
Ferris pasta bar club

Vinyl club
Hewitt pasta bar club
Ethical stealing club
Organizing notebooks club
Not having enough stickers to put on your laptop club
The Mel’s club
The Anti-Mel’s club
Only wearing one earring club
Embroidering in different colors club
Wearing cheetah print tube tops club
Sending mail in bubble wrap envelopes club
Eating the eco friendly styrofoam packing peanuts made out of cornstarch club
Not having a belt loop to clip your keychain on club
Trader Joe’s didn’t have my favorite flavor of ice cream club
Prezbo cult
Harmonica club
Those who sleep in butler club
Tree lighting advocates club
Sorority for roommates of sorority girls


Sexy toaster via Amazon