is shuffleboard even a sport? who knows

As the first wave of midterms rolls around, Bwog’s staff members manage to do some wholesome this weekend between all the studying. If you have any stories that you think may be a good addition to this, email us at and we will add to it!

Studious Bwog

  • Found my new fav study spot @ Columbia law <3
  • Came up with various spins on “champagne socialist” at Bwunch including but not limited to Coors light communist martini Marxist.
  • Essayed my days away.
  • Tried to read a whole book in a day, literally only read 4 pages.
  • Caught up on The Good Place and am now debating writing a CC response/paper about it.

Bwog and Sports?

  • Ran through hell (Times Square) to meet up with my friend from home like 30 minutes before his bus ride back to Boston.
  • Went to the football game and didn’t even stay for a quarter.
  • Stayed for the ENTIRE football game, only regret it a little bit.
  • Went to Sunset Park and won a game of shuffleboard.
  • Did unexpected cross country running at Global Citizen.
  • Participated in an intramural volleyball game. I’ve never played volleyball before.

Bwog and Music

  • Went to the Hozier concert with a 103.3° fever.
  • Went to an STS9 concert and showed of my rad (read, lame) dance skills.
  • Went to a BORNS concert but left disappointed with the live acoustics :(
  • Jammed out to Lorde for the first time in a while.
  • Saw a musical with the premise “Pop punk takes over the world and Avril Lavigne is worshipped as a god” (the narrative climax was a guy hitting his principal with his 8-foot schlong).