all inductees carry the might of Athena

Thanksgiving break is over and we’re all back on that grind (or at least attempting to be.) If you need some inspiration in this trying final few weeks of the semester, look no further than Barnard’s fall Phi Beta Kappa inductees from the class of 2019! Fourteen incredible students have been inducted in this preliminary group; more students will be awarded this honor in the spring. Congratulations to the fall inductees!

  • Xinyao Tang (Comp Sci and Math-Statistics)
  • Jerica Tan (Biology)
  • Anne Ollen (Political Science)
  • Jessie Rubin (Ethnomusicology)
  • Maham Karatela (Neuroscience & Behavior (Cellular)
  • Kiran Singh-Smith (Environmental Science)
  • Talia Mamann (Political Science)
  • Jane Ninivaggi (American Studies)
  • Nina Rosella (Political Science)
  • Madison Marko (Political Science – Human Rights)
  • Grace Nickel (Biochemistry)
  • Alida Pitcher-Murray (Urban Studies (Econ)
  • Ruth Ramjit (History)
  • Celeste Pallone (Environmental Science)

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