Not just for old folks!

Some things are best expressed through bingo. Therefore, your friendly neighborhood first-year brings you…

Barnard First-Year Bingo

Realizing the Millie suit looks like…that…
Bemoaning the quad’s laundry system
Trying to maintain your high school sleep schedule
Feeling like an impostor in Butler
Attending office hours religiously
Impulsively modifying your hair
“OMG how will I ever make time for 18 credits, 3 internships,  aND CIRCA?!”
Feeling sorry for all your friends in lit hum
Hitting up sulz friends for that sweet sweet AC
Barely anyone runs for SGA
Sitting in the front for lecture
Thinking JJ’s is a sustainable dining option
“Wait so what’s foundations again?”
(free space)
“Columbia has free laundry?!”
Forgetting that person’s name who you’re SURE you met during NSOP
Laughing at Columbia upperclassmen in PE classes
Freaking out when you see Beilock in the wild
So. Many. Extra. Swipes.
Feeling super intimidated every time you walk onto Columbia’s campus
Thinking that you’ll actually go to med school
Real homesickness hours
Realizing that you’re going to be in Barnard 304 a LOT
Realizing you’re not straight within the first month
Texting your OL when you need help
Accidentally twinning with someone else’s Barnard sweatshirt



Bingoooooo via Wikimedia Commons