So long, farewell…

It has been a long semester, and all good things must come to an end. Today, now-seasoned Bwog veteran Andrew Chee has the scoop on the latest and final GSSC meeting for the semester. 

Dr. Anne Goldfield, the GS liaison at the office of Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS), stepped in for this meeting to elaborate more on CPS’s programs and services. Although CPS is supported by the Columbia student health fee, which is automatically included in all full-time students’ tuition, Dr. Goldfield wanted to emphasize that financial reasons should never be an obstacle for students seeking help, and if  the student health fee is a financial strain for any part-time students, they should still attempt to speak to Dr. Goldfield or anyone else at CPS.

Dr. Goldfield noted that GS students are statistically the most satisfied student group in CPS; it’s nice that we seem to have our mental health game down! Dr. Goldfield noted the reason why CPS intake is conducted via a phone call and not an online form is that CPS does not want to miss any urgent cases. However, the overall process of seeing a psychiatrist at CPS can be long and demanding, and a phone call may not even be that convenient. Be sure to step into CPS’s office sooner rather than later, just in case! In any case, CPS also offers additional services beyond one-on-one counseling, such as workshops, meditation services, and more.

Eileen, CC’20 of Columbia Organization of Rising Entrepreneurs came in to speak about one of CORE’s programs, Global Tech Treks, and request funding for the GS students participating this year. In the Global Tech Treks program, 15-20 students go abroad over their study break to engage with other entrepreneurs and investors. The council debated the number of funds to be allocated for these students, as the cost is comparatively high compared to other events hosted by GSSC for a significantly lower number of students. Like with many other organizations and opportunities on campus, GS students have had lower participation rates than the other schools, and a fairly heated debate unfolded about the feasibility of the allocation of GSSC’s funds and CORE’s decision making process regarding funding toward Global Tech Treks and its other programs and events. In the end, GSSC voted to allocate $1000 for GS students participating in Global Tech Treks, less than what Eileen had initially requested from the council.

A representative from the Food Pantry closed out the meeting by announcing an upcoming Campus Hunger Awareness Week that will occur next semester, the week of February 4. It will include speaker panels, movie screenings, and advocation for donating food to charities and organizations against hunger. Luckily, the Food Pantry was not requesting any funds, and GSSC ended on a sweet note without further debate on the use of funds toward non-strictly GS events.

Upcoming Events

Tonight! The Hanukkah Party will be tonight, December 5th, at Schermerhorn Extension 476 from 8:30 to 10:30 pm. Krispy Kreme donuts and other kosher foods will be served.

The last Lerner Pub of the semester will be tomorrow, Thursday, December 6th, from 9 to 11:30 pm. Feel free to bring one non-senior with you! The more the merrier!

Pre-Medical Association is hosting their annual coat drive with NY Cares, in the GS Lounge & Lewisohn lobby.

On December 19th, join GS Student Life for a study break in the GS Lounge at 12:30 pm! Finish out the last week of finals strong!

Open positions

Somebody, please apply for these positions, I am begging you.

  • Community Services & Sustainability Representative
  • Senior Class Treasurer
  • Students with Families Representative

And this concludes GSSC for the semester! Thank you all who have been reading my coverage this semester, and best of luck and happy studying for finals!

this photo is literally called “say goodbye, old man” via Pixabay