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Bwog In Bed: Your Dorm Is Pretty Empty Now Edition

McBain lobby almost as empty as the list of reasons to continue studying at this point

Bwogline: Trump announced yesterday that he plans to completely withdraw U.S. armed forces from Syria. The decision appeared abrupt to many of the parties involved, including top U.S. military advisors and foreign countries who had acted as allies to American efforts against ISIS. (New York Times)

Study Tip: If you’re one of the unlucky souls with a Friday final, you’re probably just cramming at this point, so you might as well make it fun! Quizlet makes studying more tolerable with its middle-school-nostalgia vibes, and very few things are more satisfying than completing Learn mode or getting a record time on one of the games.

Music: “Imagine” by Ariana Grande is a great song to live vicariously through when you realize that it’s probably too late to find a love interest at this point in the semester, and you’ll have to start from scratch in January.

Procrastination Tip: Write end-of-semester texts/notes/emails/letters to your friends letting them know you appreciate them! People need to express their emotions more at this school.

Overseen: At least 4 of those shiny number balloons in a McBain trashcan. Just like the semester, it looks like the party’s over :/

mcbeezy via bwog archives

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