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Cooking With Bwog: Hong Shao Rou

big yum

What’s going on guys, it’s your favorite Bwoggers, Jessica F-ing Hu and Andrew MF-ing Chee, back at y’all with another Cooking with Bwog. Let’s just jump right in, and as always, if you enjoyed this content, if you wanna see more, make sure you smash that mf-ing like button and leave a comment down below.


  • Two strips of pork belly from West Side (why doesn’t H Mart sell thick strips of pork belly?)
  • Rock sugar – around 200g
  • Tablespoon of oil
  • Ginger, scallions, garlic (2 cloves)
  • Soy sauce – light AND dark to taste
  • Cooking wine

  1. it’s too soon to make a mistake but here’s a pic to follow just in case

    Cut the pork belly into cubes, making sure that you have fat and lean meat in each cube!

  2. Poach the pork belly for about 4 minutes or until you don’t see any red — make sure to throw in some sliced ginger and scallions for ~aromatics~
  3. Remove pork belly and clean the cooking pot, pan, or whatever you use — though we recommend a shallow pot.
  4. Add some oil to the pan on med-high heat, once the oil starts to smoke, add rock sugar, mix around until it turns into a nice caramel color. We decided to try using an olive oil cooking spray, but that wasn’t enough oil to properly grease it up, so make sure you use actual oil!
  5. This is the part where we realized we need to add actual oil, as opposed to a spray. But we accidentally grabbed the balsamic vinegar instead of the olive oil (hey, the bottles look fairly similar, okay?) and dumped it into the pan. While it actually smelled tasty and got me in the mood for some salad, we didn’t come here to eat salad. We came here to eat fatty pork belly and destroy our waistline.
  6. Start over with ACTUAL OIL and throw some rock sugar into the pan as the oil smokes; flip it and tumble it until it’s caramel colored.
  7. look at all that fat waiting to melt in your mouth

    Add pork belly immediately.

  8. Once pork belly coated with sugar, turn the heat on low, add cooking wine, dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, (start small with a few tablespoons of each, and keep tasting throughout the cooking process and add to adjust), and just enough water to submerge everything, braise.
  9. Put the lid on the pan, and leave it ajar for some steam to escape.
  10. Wait.
  11. Dick around.
  12. Listen to this playlist:

13. After an hour or so, TASTE the sauce again, add salt, soy sauce etc if needed. Add a splash of cooking wine and turn the heat on high and stir around until sauce is sticky and clings to each piece of pork belly. The longer you braise, the softer and more tender the meat will be, but the hungrier you will be. Find the perfect balance in all things, as Thanos would want.

14. Serve with rice and tea to wash away the oil and yeet hay. We chose to drink oolong tea. The final product should be fairly, but not overly sweet, with plenty of savory umami for that double whammy.

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  • Bawit says:

    @Bawit I can’t buy cooking wine :/

  • Huge fan! says:

    @Huge fan! WOW this is amazing!!!!

    Thanks so much!

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