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Farewell, Bwog

we are DONE

My sweet angel Jenny has already written a goodbye post for the old board, but it only seems fitting that the outgoing Editor in Chief also write a farewell post of sorts.

My tenure on Bwog’s editorial board for the past year and as Editor in Chief for the past semester (and the summer, I guess, if you want to count that) have been relatively smooth sailing. A lot has changed; Bwog expanded a lot, we completely separated from the Blue and White, Emily Wilson acknowledged us on Twitter, and all editors get Bwog email addresses now. Our website still sucks (yes, we know), but people still find the time to fight in our comments.

Running this blog for the past few months was extremely challenging, but also fulfilling beyond words. Bwog has become part of my identity at Columbia in the past two and a half years that I’ve been on it, so it feels really weird to “retire,” but it’s time for me and for Bwog to move on. I’m excited to see what direction the new board will take Bwog in and how it will continue to improve and grow.

So farewell, Bwog, from your Alma “Oxford Comma” Bwogger. Please remember that periods and commas always go inside quotation marks in American English and that we use Oxford Commas in this household. Special thanks to Sarah and Betsy for being the best board I could have asked for, to Amara and Finn for coming back from Europe and being my rocks, and to retiring lads Nik and James, without whom this website probably would not exist right now. Next semester, I will be abroad in Paris with Slack deleted off my phone. Best of luck to the new board, Jenny, Zack, and Zoe, and the new lads, Matt and Andrew.



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  • Wypipo real talk says:

    @Wypipo real talk We conquered the known world. Africans are guests in our civilization.
    They are welcome because we allow it. They are free because we allow it. Their entire culture exists because we allow it.

    SJWs are stirring the pot and history tells us they are playing with fire. Whites are stronger, more intelligent, and more ruthless. Makes no sense why they want to pick a fight with a stronger and more dangerous opponent.

    1. Bait or satire? says:

      @Bait or satire? ??

      1. "track" says:

        @"track" lolz fail? Time for bed.

  • Idris O'Neill says:

    @Idris O'Neill youngweon, i am incredibly grateful to have been a part of Bwog with you as my friend and EIC. let your legacy live on through soupmaking and grammarly

  • Jenny Zhu says:

    @Jenny Zhu the most amazing EIC, role model, and friend!!!! ily <3

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