it’s frickin’ christmas

As the 2018 fall semester comes to an end and the threat of finals loom in the distance, Bwog still finds time to do fun things. Send in your weekend adventures to to be featured!

Bwog explores NYC

  • Went to the MoMA for a sociology project. Found out a year and a half too late that a Columbia ID gets you in there for free.
  • Bought a ticket to see The Favourite. Realized that I wasn’t going to make it to Cinépolis on time because the MTA is absolute balls. Didn’t see The Favourite.
  • Went to the holiday market at columbus circle and got my mom and my roommate each a present!
  • Had a super normal date at an Irish pub. it was refreshing.
  • Lots sprinting in riverside park to get out my angst
  • found an AMAZING brunch place called Big Daddy’s (2454 Broadway) which does cookie dough pancakes so would highhhhhhhly recommend
  • Went to Mass downtown and listened to I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning in its entirety on the way back. #justcatholicsoftboythings
  • spend Saturday afternoon in Bryant park w/ my friend :)
  • Went on a date on the UES Friday night. I regret everything…

Bwog loses sometimes…

  • Got turned away from Output after a bouncer laughed at how bad my fake is.
  • Got CAVA’d for the first time by my ex-boyfriend after literally only drinking WINE; kept trying to convince him to let me escape the hospital.
  • Got way too high on edibles after I thought the first dose wasn’t going to hit me. Argued with a MTA employee after I become convinced that the swipe thing charged me way too much money. (It didn’t.) Suffered a paranoia-induced panic attack while sitting in the back of an Uber. Became temporarily convinced that I was trapped in another dimension. Didn’t fully escape the high for eighteen hours.
  • Called in sick to work to stay in bed and sleep on a rainy morning.
  • Was supposed to go clubbing in Manhattan, attend a DSA holiday party, and see Mitski. Did none of those things.
  • Witnessed a lot of making out at an EC party and then went home and cooked a 3 course meal instead at 2 am
  • Babysat a lot (one night it was delightful and I got pastries/a trip to blick. other night was a fuckin’ nightmare).
  • Sent multiple booty calls from my hospital bed post-CAVA.
  • cried because my best best best friend was arrested in London and I’m really worried about her
  • nearly had a panic attack when I realized all I had to do to go to Athens next month ://///////
  • have consumed concerning amounts of coffee and functioned on far too little sleep

But also wins sometimes!

  • Made law review exec!!!
  • Studied in Bobst and actually was very productive.
  • Ate SUPER YUMMY chicken and waffles (@ Sugarburg in Brooklyn) and transcended to another plane.
  • Went to the Metropolitan Museum for class for the SIXTH time this semester
  • Bought miniature sex dolls with J
  • Took said sex dolls to a Japanese bbq
  • Brought a gal pal to the 21st bday party of a girl who sits next to me in music hum. then met a group of dudes who invited us to house party in riverdale, and it turned out that an art dealer owned the house so it was super aesthetic and had some really dope coffee table books. then broke my 5 month long reign of chastity on a super nice apt on 90th street that had a backyard with a bonfire. the dude paid for the uber home so i am happy.
  • Played a lot of holiday music and jammed out in my room
  • Made out with a guy who’s a foot and a half taller than me
  • Got all the clothes I ordered during black friday from wien!!!!!
  • Ran into five good friends at the Mitski concert by coincidence.
  • Did cocaine for the first time! And decided never to do it again.
  • Had an emotional breakthrough in Avery
  • Had lots of wholesome coffee and lunch dates with people I care about
  • Felt a lot more like my old, much happier self :)