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Guest Isabel’s Fight List: That Person On The Phone In The Hall Last Night

The normal quiet hours, which, for the record, ALSO PROHIBIT THIS ON A THURSDAY NIGHT

If you are having phone calls past midnight in a residence hall: stop. Just stop.

You might have noticed that there is a 24-hour quiet hours notice in effect during finals and reading week. (At least in Barnard housing.) This is so people can actually get the sleep they need, or so people can study in their rooms when the libraries are full. Especially when some of us have a 9 am final on a Friday. This is not a tyrannical enforcement of ResLife authoritarianism.


Maybe you just didn’t want to piss off your roommate by doing it in your room. That’s respectable. Therefore, you might have thought the pacing would distribute the noise like stirring a solution. However, I’m here to tell you it did not. Because I could still hear you when you were at the end of the opposite hall. I could still hear you when you were midway down the hall. I could still hear you when you were right outside my door. And I should not have been hearing you in any of those places! You probably don’t realize just how thin these walls are. Well, I’m here to tell you – THEY ARE THIN.

I had a final at 9 am this morning! I needed sleep! I needed to be able to have a functioning brain so I could remember how to conjugate basic German verbs and remember how to say “refrigerator!” I DID NOT NEED THIS!

So if I hear you again, just know that I will 100% be asking you to go somewhere else. There are floor lounges! There are other buildings! There’s OUTSIDE! There are literally so many other places where people who HAVE A FINAL AT 9 IN THE GODDAMN MORNING ARE NOT TRYING TO SLEEP!

Could I beat them in a fight?: I’m terrified of confrontation and can only do so through internet call-out posts. But if this keeps happening, I could definitely see myself mustering the nerve.

Self-defense tip: When executing a roundhouse kick, make sure to point your toes if you want to leave them unbroken. (Note: Bwog does not condone actual violence, nor do we purport to be experts on this subject.)

See, this is why rules are needed via Angry Brooks Resident/Bwog Staff

Self-defense tip via Isabel Sepúlveda 

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