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SGA Finally Finishes The Semester

And with that, Millie the Dancing Bear says happy finals season!

SGA Rep Council met last night. Well, some of it at least. Barnard Bureau Chief Dassi Karp most certainly was present, though. Check out her recap below!

Remember yesterday? Before reading week began, before the existential dread that comes with finals set in? Before you started guessing every choice you’ve made all semester, analyzing every haphazard scribble you wrote down in the horrendously boring class, and wishing you had spent time actually understanding how to do the pset you halfheartedly googled the solutions to? I know, it feels like forever ago. (Also, who are we kidding, I’ve been having finals for weeks now.) But as yesterday was still a normal day of classes, all the normal Monday of classes things happened including the most anticipated part of all of our evenings–Barnard’s SGA Rep Council meeting!

Not everybody was excited as I was, apparently. Less than two-thirds of Rep Council members were present, meaning there was no quorum, and SGA couldn’t conduct any official votes. On most weeks, that wouldn’t be a problem–SGA rarely votes on much of anything, at least in their external meetings–but last night they had planned to vote on approving endowment fund proposals. Alas, no such voting could be done. I turned to pack away my notebook with glee–I had a pre-studying nap to get to–when it was announced that though no voting could happen, SGA would hear proposal presentations anyway. Video of the presentations will be sent out to all absent members Sigh. But the endowment proposals were all for cool, worthwhile projects. The proposers plan to:

1. Start a free MetroCard pilot program for students with unpaid internships who do not recieve the unpaid internship grant,
2. Purchase mugs, hand-created by a member of the Barnard Clay Collective, to use as a dine-in option at Peet’s to reduce waste,
3. Further support EcoReps’s end of the year Give and Go Green collection and sale, and
4. More funding to stock Barnard’s FLiP library.

If everything goes as normal, most or all of these projects will be funded. So congrats in advance! Keep up the good work!

It has been a weird semester, SGA. Will I be back as a second-semester senior to take notes that nobody reads on what goes down? Eh, probably.

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