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Callout: So, Where Are Our Grades?

Hello darkness my old friend

Columbia finals ended over two weeks ago (18 days ago to be exact), but many of us still don’t have our final grades. Despite New Years signaling a new start, the past still has still haunted us through its sporadic – and often lacking – SSOL grade inputs. Though we are spending our breaks constantly refreshing our emails to (hopefully) see the final grades that have been plaguing us for weeks, all we really want to do is to pull a “thank u, next” and move on to the next semester. Please, give us our grades, so we don’t have to make like Ari and start a burn book.

Specifically, Bwog would like to call out:

  • Kathleen Taylor, Abnormal Psychology (the submitter noted that this has been a trend all semester)
  • Dana March, Intro to Public Health
  • Jeremy Forster, Contemporary Civilization
  • Bruno Bosteels, Contemporary Civilization
  • Hisham Matar, Fiction Writing
  • Alan Timberlake, Slavic Cultures
  • Banu Baydil, Stats 1101

If any other professor is holding out on you, comment their name and we’ll add them to the list!
Here it is!

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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Jae Woo Lee, Advanced Programming

  • Ami Fazchas says:

    @Ami Fazchas This is a bigger root problem is the administration’s inexplicable commitment to starting the term the day after Labor Day. This has for, sometime now, pushed the end of classes to the middle of December, shortened “reading week” to a 2-3 days, pushed exams til the week of Christmas (and in at least a couple of cases til after on the 27th this year). Those exams have to be graded…TAs are only required to work until a certain date, and the professors, who some might forget are extremely human as well, are left to read, evaluate, and grade papers sometime before New Year’s… faculty have families and friends they want to take respite and enjoy the holidays with just as much as students and staff do. We’ve been asking for years to move the fall start date back to the Monday or Tuseday closest to the 1st and the pleas go unanswered. Students and faculty are sick of exams on the doorstep of holidays that make it expensive to travel home. Fix the calendar, real simple.

    1. anon says:

      @anon I’ve been here since 1984, and I don’t remember Reading Week ever being more (or less) than 3 days–am I wrong? We start after Labor Day because most New York City elementary and secondary schools do as well, and many university employees, including professors, have children in school. For what it’s worth, the vast majority of professors found some way to meet the deadline or at least come close to it.

    2. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous It has been this way for at least fifty years, this is nothing new. School does start the Tuesday after Labor Day or the Monday before Labor Day if Labor Day is late after the 6th. You do have to give time for orientation and move in which is the week before generally end of August. The second summer session ends the middle of August. Most of the Ivies are like this, and some do not have any reading periods at all. Some even have exams after Christmas. I will say though that New York State does have higher and stricter standards for degree requirements, class hours, and weeks of school required, even for colleges.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Sorry, the professulas finally kept their promise that if Trump was elected, they would emigrate to CHina as organ donors.

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