Look closer…

Zoe Sottile is an innocent woman. 

I haven’t been below a B cup since the sixth grade. So it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to venture outside without a brassiere. My party hats are VIP only. Every time I go outside, it’s like Full Titty Lockdown.

Maybe this is why every time I pass by the Greek Games statue on my way to Diana or Milstein, I’m struck by something other than her striking athletic figure. I’m a simple woman! And when I see her, nips to the wind, I’m jealous.

What’s going on here? Does the statue’s combination of the muscular body combined with pert nipples represent the happy cohabitation of masculinity and femininity? Does the lack of a bra represent personal freedom, circa feminists of the 1960s?  Do the nipples’ straining against the sculpture’s dress represent students’ chafing against authority?

The nipples are there – clearly sculpted, impossible to ignore. Friendly, inviting. Ripe with hidden meaning. They greet pedestrians on the Columbia-Barnard highway. Next time you walk by, keep an eye out. And bundle up! It’s… chilly out.

Image via BwogStaff.