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Bwoglines: Conservative Brazilian Politics Edition

Some Monday news for you on this windy day.

Happening in the world: Trump had agreed to hold off raising tariffs from 10 to 25 percent on Chinese imports in hopes of negotiating a better trade agreement. Trump hopes to finish a trade deal with Chinese President Xi Jinping soon. (NPR)

Happening in the US: Judge Gray Miller of Federal District Court in the Southern District of Texas had ruled that exclusively-male military drafts are unconstitutional. The case was brought by the men’s rights group, National Coalition for Men. (NY Times)

Happening in New York City: The high-profile Armory international art show, set to open on March 7, decided to relocate their exhibition, because the pier the event was supposed to take place on was deemed unsafe. The New York City Economic Development Corporation discovered structural issues at the pier. (NY Times)

Happening on campus: Tonight, in the International Affairs Building, Rosana Pinheiro Machado from the University of Santa Maria will give a talk called “From Hope to Hate: The Rise of Conservative Subjectivity in Brazil”. The talk will cover Brazilian conservative politics as it effects low income demographics there. Check the Facebook event for more details.

Overseen: My Russian professor projecting a Russian meme on the screen.

Song of the day: Start your day off with some good Bossa Nova. Listen to “On the South Side of Chicago” by Walter Wanderly to help ease your frigid tremors this windy day.

Brazilian politics via Wikimedia.

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  • Good says:

    @Good Brazil was a disaster under the socialists. When the far right controlled Brazil from WW2 through the 1970s, it was a far more prosperous and stable country.

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