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Ways To Upcycle Club Flyers You Get Under Your Door

You scream, I scream, we all scream because of the seemingly endless numbers of little quarter-sheet flyers that clubs and organizations at Columbia feel the need to slip under our doors. Because we here at Bwog are for the people and not for the corporation, we came up with some fun and useful ideas for how to upcycle those very same flyers.

  • Flip them over and use them to write hate notes back to the clubs that sent them. It’s not just for your local congressman anymore. Channel your inner Columbia activist and pen a letter that says exactly how you feel about the wasteful use of paper and corporate influence that hide under the guise of club advertising.
  • Make a giant paper-mache middle finger to put outside your door and deter any further (littering) “outreach.” If you’ve never had the opportunity to do those paper-mache projects in art class, this is your chance! Pictures speak a thousand words, so break out the glue and make like Michelangelo. For reference, here’s an easy paper-mache recipe to get you started. Happy crafting!
  • Make little origami airplanes to decorate your room. Stop searching Target or Barnard Buy/Sell with generic terms like “boho wall hanging” or “modern framed art.” You can’t get much more modern than saving paper and reusing things that would otherwise inevitably end up in the trash.
  • Kitty litter. You might have a cat, or you might know someone who has a cat. If it’s the former, you have to chance to save money and feel like you’re saving the environment. If it’s the latter, just add gift wrap, and now you have a present for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, and holidays to come. Win-win situation!
  • Keep them in a desk drawer to use as “scratch paper,” even though you know that you never, ever use scratch paper. Who knows? Maybe you’ll suddenly feel the urge to do your multiplication times tables from the fourth grade or to make sure you remember the sequential order of all 45 presidents. We’re not judging – everyone has their thing.
  • Write a birthday card for Bwog and send it to us. Hey, did you know? We just turned twelve. Wish us a happy birthday because we at Bwog like attention, as all our hate comments have duly acknowledged.

Photo via Gary Chan/Unsplash

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